Coin operated laundry Plaka

The store is located in Aggelou Vlahou 8, Plaka and is open daily from 7 in the morning until 12 at night every day, on Sundays and on Holidays all year round. The store, like all easywash Self Service Laundry stores, is equipped with commercial coin-operated washers and coin-operated dryers from the American company Maytag Commercial.

Laundromat Plaka

easywash Self Service Laundry stores are coin operated laundry stores without staff. Customers can wash and dry their clothes in less than 1 hour. Washing in Plaka becomes quickly and economically. The washing cycle of the commercial washers is only 25-35 minutes because they use ready-made hot water and the drying time is from 10 minutes to 50 minutes depending on the material of the garment and the quantity that the customer wants to dry.

Coin Washers Plaka

Before the customer starts to use the coin washers and dryers, he should consult the washing and drying steps and follow them in order to make his experience to the store easier and more enjoyable.

The process is simple!

Step 1: Choose the washer that you are going to use No 1 – No 7 depending on the amount of clothing you have to wash.

Step 2: You can purchase detergent and softener from the soap vending machine No 12 in the store.

Step 3: Follow the instructions that are on the washer and on the wall with the steps you need to follow to start the wash.

Step 4: When the washing cycle ends, transfer your clothing with the basins to one of the dryers No 8 – No 11 depending on the amount to dry.

Step 5: Follow the instructions that are on the dryer and on the wall with the steps you need to follow.

Step 6: Use the counter to fold your laundry. Commercial dryers deliver excellent results, you just fold your clothes and they are ready to get into your wardrobe!

You are ready! In less than 1 hour you have your laundry clean and dry!


The coin laundry Plaka has 7 commercial washers 10kg, 4 commercial stack dryers 10kg, 1 detergent vending machine, 1 coin changer machine.